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Seek and Yea Shall Find.

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to play Sherlock Holmes with me and my friends.
Conan Doyle's, famous detective, Sherlock Holmes came to life in her mischievous twinkling eyes.

My grandmother always played the role of Sherlock Holmes - and us kids - well we were the other characters in the
the story. Of course there was always a villain that had to be found out and brought to justice.
My grandmother would leave clues around the house and hold meetings with us all - to recap on the progress.

Whenever we got frustrated - unable to find or work out a clue - my grandmother would simply say;
"Seek and yea shall find" - and we always did.
As us kids grew older the game became more sophisticated. Finding the villain often required an in depth understanding of
the Geography, language, customs and law in far away places.
Without realizing it, whilst playing a game, my clever grandmother armed me with the skills, to research effectively and to think outside the box.

So Dear Watson or Watsona - What or Who are we looking for today?Geneaology

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Are you doing a Genealogy search?

I am in the process of building a family tree online and have included the resources that I found most useful.
This photograph is of my grandmother mentioned in the story above at 5 days old, with my great grandmother.

Below is the Surname List in my familly tree;

Alberti | Beer| Feuermann | Jellinek | Koritschoner| 

Korngold | Milchspeiser | Pappenheim | Plank | Sonnenthal |

Stukart | Tatschel | Von Sonnenthal | von Turk |

Weiss | Windish Graetz | Zissermann |

Phone number search.

Want to find the owner of any phone?

find the owner of any cell phone, landlines, mobile, or unlisted number!
Results include name, current address, carrier, location details and
public records as well as satellite imagery of the person's location.
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Searching for a long lost friend

Are You Searching for a Missing Person?

Sometimes people just seem to disappear into thin air.
Leaving relatives and friends perplexed and worried.
Besides notifying the right authorities and then just waiting;
Read what actions you can take to do your own detective work.

Are You Searching for a Missing Pet?

We give you the steps to enhance your chances of recovering your
missing animal.

Perhaps you are searching for that elusive Job?

Have you ever thought about who reviews all of the resumes and cover letters that you send to Online Job Applications?
The thousands sometimes millions of applications are sorted by data management/recruiting software.
This software is keyword sensitive, find out how to use this information to your advantage before applying to any
Online job seeking service.

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Need To Find Resources for Writers and Web Builders?

Resources for Writers and Web builders.

This is a membership site for Writers and Web Builders but it also hosts
around 6000 pages of free content - especially handy for students.
Learn the art of beautiful hand writing in the interactive Calligraphy section.
Or find information about Book Publishing in the Forum.

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Want to Find Files On Your Computer?

Read our tips on how to:

Want to find content on the WWW more proficiently?

Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to get what you want from the search engines.
"1Search Find All" will guide you to find what you are looking for.

Are You Fed Up with Searching for things you can't find at Home?

An environment conducive to harmonized production and well being is not a luxury.
It is an absolute necessity for harmonious living and the healthy development of all
creatures on this earth - including us humans.

I think we all recognize that we need to be well organized if we want to be able to find things quickly.
If you are a well organized person but live with a family of mess makers, it is likely that at best you are
frustrated with the situation. At worst you are screaming at everyone to pick up after themselves.
If on the other hand you are the mess maker - you probably feel uncomfortable to have someone
constantly clean up after you. At best you tell people not to fuss. At worst you are unwittingly undermining
your children's sense of belonging....To find out more...

The S.P.A.C.E. Book is;

The S P A C E e-Book is an easy to follow step by step instruction manual on how to change you own living environmen>
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